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Teenagers on smartphones

Media Consumption UK 2014

Just finished reading through OFCOM’s 2014 The Communications Market Report: United Kingdom as always it provides an invaluable insight into device ownership and media consumption in the UK. Some interesting changes from the 2013 report:

“We’re now spending more time using media or communications than sleeping. The convenience and simplicity of smartphones and tablets are helping us cram more activities into our daily lives.”

Ed Richards, Ofcom Chief Executive

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Advert for Linen from Belfast Street directory 1890

Decade of Centenaries Resources

There is a great range of content available across all platforms that explore the Decade of Centenaries. Some resources like RTE’s Century Ireland cover the whole period whereas others such as Ireland’s Memorial Records focus on a specific event or topic. For the Decade of Centenaries timeline, I am using a range sources of information to ensure the content will be accurate, balanced and engaging.   Continue reading “Decade of Centenaries Resources”

Medieval reenactment- Normans and Scots fight with swords and axes

Edward Bruce’s Invasion of Ireland

Edward Bruce invaded Ireland in 1315. Carrickfergus Castle was the Earl of Ulster’s seat of administration, it was of strategic importance and key to a successful campaign in Ulster. Edward Bruce lay siege to the castle for a year between september 1315-1316. The siege of Carrickfergus Castle app is based on  Bruce’s  siege of Carrickfergus Castle. The following research was used to create the game’s narrative and provides historical context. Continue reading “Edward Bruce’s Invasion of Ireland”