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Detail from former Sinclair

Cathedral Quarter Tour

The Ulster Architectural Heritage Society has commissioned Digital Key to create a mobile app that features a heritage trail of the Cathedral Quarter,  illustrated through images, text and audio. This Belfast heritage tour app is a pilot project which aims to promote awareness and understanding of the built environment and demonstrate the value of sensitive and creative reuse of our historic buildings. It is hoped that this will provide a useful resource to inform people about the significance and potential of these buildings. To connect people with this shared history so that they will get involved in protecting the future of our built heritage. Continue reading “Cathedral Quarter Tour”

Culture Tech programme and pass

Culture Tech Derry – Wednesday

I travelled up to Derry to attend  Culture Tech Festival on Wednesday and Thursday and attended some really great talks from from leading gamers, marketeers and technologists. It is really refreshing to remove oneself from everyday work and be immersed in new ideas and viewpoints.  I found the talks stimulating and inspiring and came away feeling that creativity and user focus are key attributes to a successful digital business. Continue reading “Culture Tech Derry – Wednesday”