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Screen shot of The Siege of Derry Timeline.

Siege Project wins Celtic Media Festival Award

The Siege Project won the Kieran Hegarty Award for Interactivity at last month’s Celtic Media Festival. The judges said:

This is a great example of bringing a historical story to life via a digital medium.  It was possible to follow the action via timeline with a visual map, with the quality of associated content of a very high standard.   The narration of the action and sound effects gave a great sense of being drawn into the developing plot which kept all jurors engaged for far longer than originally than anticipated.   It was also noted that there was an accompanying mobile phone app for an interactive guided tour of the walls of Derry, it was a very well thought out and delivered project.  A very worthy winner.

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Ghosts of Nendrum app v3 testing

Saturday was a beautiful day for testing the Ghosts of Nendrum app at Nendrum Monastery. My sister, Jaine, helped out by testing the iPhone version while I ghost-busted with my Android.

Jane tests the Ghosts of Nendrum app at Nendrum Monastery
Jaine gets to grips with those pesky ghosts

The iPhone version worked well, and Jaine enjoyed the experience, only suggesting an additional help screen to improve user experience. This will be added to version 4. The Android version of the game is proving more unpredictable and the game will need some minor alterations to run more smoothly- i.e. provide alternative versions of the map screen and shorter audio for Android users and insert code to test the network connection. Coming soon – v4.