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Removing the artefacts has disturbed the spirits; now nine ghosts haunt the ruins, and each spirit has a tale to tell.

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Ghosts of Nendrum – Game description

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The Ghosts of Nendrum App is free to download for iPhone & Android. The app features an interactive, location-based game that explores the history of Nendrum Monastery in County Down, Northern Ireland.


This game allows you to explore the ruined monastic site and meet the ghosts of past inhabitants. Use the map to locate each ghostly monk and listen to his story. Select the artefact that belonged to the monk from the menu of excavated finds and return this artefact to put him to rest. Once you have returned all nine artefacts you will unlock the secret of Nendrum.

Ghosts of Nendrum is best played on location at Nendrum Monastery, but a ‘static version’ of the game allows you to make a virtual visit.

This software was licenced to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency by the BBC.


Ghost of Nendrum ruined church

Nendrum Monastery is located on Mahee Island, Strangford Lough, near Comber in County Down, Northern Ireland, UK. It is generally regarded as the best example of a pre-Norman monastic site in Northern Ireland that still has ruins form the original buildings. Thought to have been set-up by St Machaoi in the 5th century, it has also been linked to St Patrick in later sources. Visit Nendrum Monastery.

Game Play

  • Nine ghosts were disturbed when Lawlor removed artefacts from the monastery. You need to put the ghosts to rest and unlock the secret of Nendrum.
  • Use the map to explore the ruins and find the ghosts.
  • On location, at Nendrum: you are the white figure; the red pins are the ghosts; approach each ghost.
  • Playing static version: tap on a marker on the map to uncover a ghost.
  • Listen to his tale and select the artefact that he would have used.
  • Return the artefact; this will put the ghost to rest.
  • At the end you will receive a key; gold is the greatest reward.

NB: You need an internet connection to play this game

Technical Help – on location at Nendrum

  • You will need an internet connection and GPS on your phone to play the game. If the map or pins do not appear, check your phone settings.
  • A weak mobile network connection may make the ghosts act strangely!
  • If the ghost or artefact playback stops suddenly, walk away from the area and try finding another ghost and then return to the area.
  • If the network drops you may disappear from the map or the map will show another location. This is only temporary and should not affect game play.
  • If problems continue, try playing the static version.

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