Armagh Mobile Website


To create a mobile version of the existing website for visitors to Armagh with tablets and smartphones.


Digital Key produced a mobile version of the existing website for visitors to Armagh. Armagh Mobile website is designed to provide visitors to Armagh with a user-friendly guide to the city. The design is implemented using a responsive WordPress theme that triggers in run-time using a theme switcher. Media queries were then used to detect screen size and screen resolution and implement one of four possible flexible layouts. The design complements the existing desktop site and reflects the location-based, task-driven context of the user in Armagh and features Google maps to signpost all visitor attractions.

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This brief presented us with the problem of translating a large amount of factual information from the Armagh desktop site onto the small screen. We needed to pare back the information and create a simple design that worked across a range of devices. We used user preferences to determine the design and information architecture of the mobile website. We researched the typical Armagh visitor and identified different user scenarios for the mobile website: at home, en route and on location. These profiles and scenarios were used to reduce the amount of onscreen content and to determine the information architecture and navigation. This, in turn, shaped the design which scaled to work across a range of mobile devices from the small screen of a feature phone through to a full-size tablet.

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For: Armagh City Council

Location: Armagh

Platform: web/mobile

Responsibilities: project management, research, storyboarding, script, website design and production, user-testing.

“Digital Key were a great company to work with for the creation of our mobile website to service our citizens and visitors. Ellen is extremely knowledgeable, organised and professional. Our mobile website project was completed on time and on budget. Overall a very smooth process which gives our customers a better experience.”

Claire Shields – Communications Officer, Armagh City Council