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Advert for Linen from Belfast Street directory 1890

Decade of Centenaries Resources

There is a great range of content available across all platforms that explore the Decade of Centenaries. Some resources like RTE’s Century Ireland cover the whole period whereas others such as Ireland’s Memorial Records focus on a specific event or topic. For the Decade of Centenaries timeline, I am using a range sources of information to ensure the content will be accurate, balanced and engaging.   Continue reading “Decade of Centenaries Resources”

First World War Memorial Plaque Derry Cathedral

First World War Memorials Derry

I visited Derry a few weeks ago for another round of Siege of Derry app testing. In between circuits of the walls I was able to visit the city’s First World War memorials to see if I could discover my great-uncle’s inscription.  I visited the beautifully restored St Columb’s Cathedral and was able to locate the First World War memorial half way down the north aisle. The memorial consists of a bronze plaque surrounded by carved white stone. I read the list of the names of soldiers who died during the war and found my uncle’s name; Robert Hamilton. Above the list, the dedication reads: Continue reading “First World War Memorials Derry”