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Understanding the target audience and designing an appropriate user-experience.

Verbal Arts Centre Plaque: To Imagine, To Create, To Learn

Culture Tech Derry – Thursday – afternoon – Sync

For the afternoon sessions of Culture Tech Derry, I went to a couple of the Digital Arts and Culture talks curated by Sync. These talks were designed to explore how digital technology affects the arts and culture section. Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame explored how digital technology could be used to make music more accessible to those who don’t have access to traditional instruments. The plaque above on the Verbal Arts Centre caught his eye; he thought it was great motto for users and producers alike. Imagine, create, learn; have an idea, try it out and learn from your mistakes – a great axiom for anyone in the new or creative industries. Continue reading “Culture Tech Derry – Thursday – afternoon – Sync”

Culture Tech programme and pass

Culture Tech Derry – Wednesday

I travelled up to Derry to attend  Culture Tech Festival on Wednesday and Thursday and attended some really great talks from from leading gamers, marketeers and technologists. It is really refreshing to remove oneself from everyday work and be immersed in new ideas and viewpoints.  I found the talks stimulating and inspiring and came away feeling that creativity and user focus are key attributes to a successful digital business. Continue reading “Culture Tech Derry – Wednesday”