Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle

Richard De Burgh, the Red Earl of Ulster, needs a constable to take charge of the defences of Carrickfergus Castle.  The castle controls access to Belfast Lough and the Scots will be keen to take it. As constable, you must assess the castle’s defences and use your men to defeat the Scottish attacks. A good military performance is rewarded with an increase in wages.  If you succeed in your post, you will be rewarded with an earldom, but if you fail, you will be dismissed without pay!

Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle Instructions

Gatehouse of Carrickfergus Castle

The Siege! app contains a mission-style game and an interactive map that explores Anglo-Norman military strategy and the defensive architecture of the Carrickfergus Castle.  The castle has stood guard over Belfast Lough for over 800 years and is probably the best-preserved medieval castle in Ireland.

The game is best played on location at the castle and uses interactive role-play and atmospheric video to bring the 1315-16 Bruce siege to life.  The interactive map contains photographs, drawings and fact-files that illustrate how the castle withstood a year long siege. This app is produced in association with the NIEA  and built using AppFurnace software.

Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle game

The aims of the game are to defend the castle against the Scottish attack, earn plenty of silver pennies and receive an earldom. Listen to the advice of the Richard de Burgh, the Earl of Ulster. He will guide you through your choices and tell you of any planned Scottish attacks. You key tasks as constable will be:

  • Assessing the castle’s defences.
Siege! app - assess the defence of Carrickfergus Castle
Answer questions about the defensive features by exploring the different buildings inside the castle. Clicking on the i button will reveal extra information about the feature. Clicking on the map button will help you find your way around the castle.
  • Defending the castle against the Scottish attack.
Siege! app - map of Carrickfergus Castle
Listen carefully to the planned Scottish attack, decide which part of the castle will be attacked. Use the map to place each of your four patrols of soldiers in and around that area; this will give the castle the best defence. Click on the button to deploy your men in that area, click again to remove the men.

Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle map

The Explore map option displays an interactive map of the castle, with buttons highlighting key areas.

Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle - interactive map
Press one of the buttons to reveal a factfile and associated images of that particular area.
Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle - illustrated fact file
This will reveal an illustrated fact file that describes key defensive features. NB the fact file scrolls horizontally, to reveal images of each feature. The red X button closes the factfile and returns you to the interactive map.

NB: Once the app is downloaded, an internet connection or GPS is not required.

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Normans defending Carrickfergus Castle in Siege! of Carrickfergus Castle.
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It’s 1315, Robert Bruce has defeated Edward II at Bannockburn and now his brother, Edward Bruce, is making his way to Ireland. Get ready to defend Carrickfergus Castle against the Scottish attack…


Carrickfergus Castle, location of the Siege! app.

The interactive, mission-style game is best played, on location at Carrickfergus Castle, which is located on the shores of Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland.