Cathedral Quarter Tour app

Look up and discover the rich architecture of Belfast’s former commercial heart.
The Cathedral Quarter Tour app provides an illustrated guide to the rich architectural heritage of the Cathedral Quarter. This heritage trail features videos that recount the history of Cathedral Quarter’s buildings and through them, the story of the commercial heart of old Belfast.


Discover Navan Fort app

The Discover Navan Fort app reveals the archaeological and mythological heritage of Navan Fort, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Ireland. This app provides visitors with a bilingual personal guided tour to Navan Fort’s impressive heritage using GPS and presenter-led video clips.


Cú Chullain’s Challenge app

Can you save King Conor and the Red Branch Knights from Queen Maebh and her men?
Cú Chullain’s Challenge is an atmospheric adventure game that recounts the tales of Setanta/ Cú Chullain to young visitors to Navan Fort. This app uses video to recreate famous stories from the Ulster Cycle and GPS to embed the tales within the atmospheric landscape of Navan Fort.


Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle

It’s 1315, Robert Bruce has defeated Edward II at Bannockburn and now his brother, Edward Bruce, is making his way to Ireland… Get ready to defend the castle!
Siege! at Carrickfergus Castle app brings the 1315-16 Edward Bruce siege of Carrickfergus Castle to life. The app contains atmospheric audio and video re-enactments set in the grounds of Carrickfergus Castle to create an engaging and immersive learning experience.


Siege of Derry app

Can you survive the Siege of Derry as a Jacobite spy?
Your mission is to look after Jacobite interests in the garrison city of Londonderry. You are their eyes and ears in the city.

Set around Derry’s walls, the Siege app combines GPS and mobile technology with contemporary real life accounts and dramatized reactions from townspeople to bring to life the key events of the 1689 Siege.


Ghosts of Nendrum app

Removing the artefacts from the monastic site has disturbed the spirits. Now nine ghosts haunt Nendrum and each spirit has a tale to tell.
This treasure hunt style game encourages young visitors to explore the atmospheric ruins of Nendrum Monastery, where they must locate each of the nine spirits and return the artefact to the right owner to put the ghosts to rest and unlock the secret of Nendrum.