Decade of Centenaries Resources

There is a great range of content available across all platforms that explore the Decade of Centenaries. Some resources like RTE’s Century Ireland cover the whole period whereas others such as Ireland’s Memorial Records focus on a specific event or topic. For the Decade of Centenaries timeline, I am using a range sources of information to ensure the content will be accurate, balanced and engaging.  

I began by researching late 19th and early 20th Century Irish History with Jonathan Bardon’s A History of Ulster and F. S. L. Lyons Ireland Since the Famine before heading to the Linenhall Library. As always, the library had a brilliant selection of books on all aspects of this period of history from  women’s rights to public health.  Books such as  Kennedy’s An Economic History of Ulster 1820-1940 give a real insight into the growth and decline of the linen industry in the North of Ireland and the terrible working conditions of its workforce which consisted predominantly of women and children. Owen’s Smashing Times A History of the Irish Womens’ Suffrage Movement described the nuances of the the Women’s Rights movement in Ireland. This wealth of information has resulted in a total of 240 events covering the period of 1884-1925. My target is 150 events so there needs to be a little bit of editing before the website is launched. I’ve included a selection resources I’ve found useful during my research.

Advert for Linen from Belfast Street directory 1890
Advert for Linen from Belfast Street directory 1890



Books (available from Linenhall Library)

Selected Bibliography:

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  • Another great book by Bardon is the Belfast: A Centenary. It recounts the history of Belfast through pictures
  • F.S.L Lyons’s  Ireland Since the Famine
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