Siege of Derry app – user testing v5

As I was up in Derry for the Cuture Tech I decided to test the latest iteration of the Siege of Derry App.

Screen shot of the Siege of Derry game on an Android device

The iPhone version was working very well, but the Android version was proving more troublesome re: positioning accuracy and the amount of audio it will play in a single session. So I decided to rebuild the game for Android devices and remove the Google map interface replacing it with a Siege-era map of the walls; adding and removing icons manually. This allows the game to be played without a 3G connection which opens the experience up to more devices and users.

Siege of Derry app on the iPad in Survivor case
Rainy user-testing on iPad in its Survivor case

Unfortunately as soon as I got off the bus, the heavens opened and I was soaked, but my iPad stayed dry as I invested in a Survivor military-duty case which protects the device from wind, rain, sand, dust and shock/drop damage – which makes it perfect for user-testing with children, days out in NI and time spent in my bag!

The Android version is working a lot better re: positioning  but there are still problems with amount of audio it can play at any one session. The old map looks so much better and the GPS is a lot more accurate for so I will experiment further to see if I can strip back the audio without detracting from the user experience.


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