Culture Tech Derry – Thursday – afternoon – Sync

For the afternoon sessions of Culture Tech Derry, I went to a couple of the Digital Arts and Culture talks curated by Sync. These talks were designed to explore how digital technology affects the arts and culture section. Yann Seznec from Lucky Frame explored how digital technology could be used to make music more accessible to those who don’t have access to traditional instruments. The plaque above on the Verbal Arts Centre caught his eye; he thought it was great motto for users and producers alike. Imagine, create, learn; have an idea, try it out and learn from your mistakes – a great axiom for anyone in the new or creative industries.

Verbal Arts Centre Plaque: To Imagine, To Create, To Learn
Verbal Arts Centre Plaque: To Imagine, To Create, To Learn


Hugh Wallace, head of Digital Media at National Museums Scotland, discussed how digital technology is being used by the museums to enhance user-experience. Hugh began by citing opposing views of the future of technology: Christopher Butler’s article future day dream and Hannah Donovan’s Everything in it’s right place.  He then described a number of examples of how other museums/cultural bodies are harnessing the power of digital technology to create and enhance relationships with visitors. His examples included:

Hugh discusses the impact technology has had on cultural organisations in more detail in ‘if mobile is the answer what is the question‘.