Mobile Apps

I am currently working on re-versioning three mediascapes as dual-platform mobile apps using appfurnance. All the games use location-based game-play and interactive narratives to bring the history of an area to life.

    • Ghosts of Nendrum, a location-based app, set in the ruins of Nendrum Monastery in County Down. Removing the artefacts from the monastic site has disturbed the spirits. Now nine ghosts haunt Nendrum and each spirit has a tale to tell. Explore the ruined monastery, locate each of the nine spirits and return the artefact to the right owner to put the ghosts to rest and unlock the secret of Nendrum.
    • Set around the walls of Londonderry, the Siege Mediascape brings to life the key events of the 1689 Siege. Your mission is to look after Jacobite interests in the garrison town of Londonderry. Walk along the walls and collect any useful conversations you overhear. Report back with your intelligence by placing your messages in an empty mortar shell. Use the cannons to fire the shells into the Jacobite camp where they will be retrieved. Avoid detection at all costs!
    • Letters From America: Captain John Griffith is waiting for you at Custom house Square to take you on an atmospheric journey through Belfast’s old quays and tell you the tale of emigration. Spanning the late 18th century to the late 19th century, the Letters from America mediascape forms a physical timeline of emigration from Belfast.