Culture Tech Derry – Wednesday

I travelled up to Derry to attend  Culture Tech Festival on Wednesday and Thursday and attended some really great talks from from leading gamers, marketeers and technologists. It is really refreshing to remove oneself from everyday work and be immersed in new ideas and viewpoints.  I found the talks stimulating and inspiring and came away feeling that creativity and user focus are key attributes to a successful digital business.

Culture Tech programme and pass

Wednesday’s highlights:

Ciaran Doherty from Tourism Ireland and Dr Larry Taylor from BT discussed how social media has enabled them to find out more about their target market and develop stronger  relationships with existing and potential customers. Ciaran explained how conistency of tone, content and response are important in developing relationships via facebook. Tourism Ireland have a different facebook account for different countries so they can tailor their message to suit cultural nuances and tastes. Key overseas markets are  – France, Germany, US and GB.

Dr Larry Taylor highlighted the use of different social media channels for different purposes ie Tumblr – I think I’m going to do it; Facebook – I did it, I did it; You tube – Here’s me doing it; Linkedin – I’m great at doing it let’s talk about it. See social media video to see the impact of social media on a global scale. Taylor also felt that B2B apps were an untapped market and that location was the next big thing in mobile with Google algorithms  including a local element. He mentioned Hailo as an example of an app using location with great success.