Nendrum Monastery – St Mo-Choi Day

The rain dried up long enough for some ghost busting at Nendrum Monastery for NIEA’s St Mo-Choi Day on the 23rd June. This annual event is designed to celebrate the feast of St Mo-Choi.

St Mo Choi tries out Ghosts of Nendrum app at Nendrum Monastery
St Mo-Choi gets to grips with the Ghosts of Nendrum

The day’s programme showed how different methods of interpretation i.e. apps, living history interpreters, tours and exhibits complement each other to give the visitor a more in-depth experience. St Mo-Choi was there to keep an eye on proceedings while Thomas McErlean, the archaeologist, gave tours of the site. Norman was on hand in the visitor centre to describe the exhibits and the Ghosts of Nendrum mediascape and app was used as a fun way to introduce younger visitors to the history of Nendrum Monastery. Seeing the app being used at such an event makes all the hard work worthwhile.