Carrickfergus Castle Siege! App

I recently received funding from the Arts Council’s Creative Industries Innovations Fund to build my Carrickfergus Castle Siege! App. This mission style app seeks to provide a engaging way for young people to learn about the defensive history of the castle using live action and role play.

It’s 1315, Robert Bruce has defeated Edward II and now his brother, Edward Bruce, is making his way to Ireland to attack Anglo-Norman strongholds; get ready to defend the castle …

Carrickfergus Castle- sea tower
Irish Arms re-enacting a sword fight

I’m at the scoping stage of the project so I popped down to the Castle for a recce on Sunday. There I had an opportunity to enjoy the Castle from a visitor’s perspective and explore elements of the medieval structure such as the sea tower and postern gate. The original architecture adds a great deal to the atmosphere of the Castle and it is easy to imagine the Normans in situ. On the top floor of the keep, I needed no imagination as  the Normans were brought to life by re-enactors from Irish Arms. Andy, Dave and Alexander were there to demonstrate the use of weaponry from this period. We were treated to various battle tactics and sword fights and shown how different weapons were used. The combination of the architecture of the Castle and the live action made for an enjoyable and educational day out and I’m really looking forward to immersing myself in medieval history.