The Siege of Derry App V2 user-testing

After previous user-testing session along the walls I packed for rain and hail, but was greeted by blue skies and sunshine. I was in the Maiden City to test the latest update of the Siege of Derry app. I had successfully tested the app on the iPhone but had been unable to download the game onto my Android. After much head scratching, deleting and reloading of content I discovered that there is a limit to no just the size but the number of files the Android version will download. Once I removed a number of the graphics the game downloaded smoothly and was ready for testing.

Peace Bridge in Derry
View across the Peace Bridge

I tried out v2 of the game on my iPhone to act as a control and found it working smoothly. Trip 2 around the walls, with the sun still shining;  I tested the game on the Android. I was delighted to find the game started well and located me on the walls quickly, but after a while the GPS strayed and played the concluding audio before I had progressed to my third account! Again with the audio and video, the files stopped playing once the cache limit was reached. However, I encountered similar problems with Ghosts of Nendrum and remedied them by adding in extra code, so I will add in a test for connection strength etc to improve performance.

My next two trips around the walls were in the company of an educationalist from the museum and a local historian. Both were able to give, additional, non-technical feedback. Once I have addressed the technical issues, if time permits, I hope to add in extra features into the static version of the game (V4 or V5). V3 should be reading for testing next week, and, hopefully by then, our summer will have returned!